About Us

Kerberon Automations a privately held electronics product enterprise started in the year 2010 and is based in Bangalore, India. The Company focuses on designing, developing, manufacturing and commercializing products in wireless and security domains. The company's very first product "ATCAG" is a patent pending innovative platform for green mode of public transportation as an alternative or as a feeder to conventional modes of transport already available.

Kerberon Automations with a state of the art manufacturing facility and a highly motivated software and hardware development infrastructure, has achieved complete in-house capability to cater the challenging requirements of design and manufacture of its products to be able to meet the demand of a wide and vibrant type of customers that include government of Karnataka, esteemed organizations like PES School Of Engineering, Bangalore Club and other private sector customers. This inturn has made it a member of a very rare genre of successful product based ventures in the global technology space in recent times.

Kerberon Automations Pvt Ltd which started its journey in 2010 with providing first-of-its-kind automated bicycle commute infrastructure as a solution for intra-campus commute for private campuses, today after being funded by Department of Science and Industrial Research(DSIR), a Govt of India agency, it is in the process of setting up India’s first and only completely automated bicycle sharing public transport infrastructure in Bangalore on a Private Public Partnership for the Government of Karnataka. The pilot of the project launched in November 2011 to much media fanfare and was well accepted by the public as well. The company is now working towards expanding the reach of ATCAG to public and private sector customers in other metros across the country and beyond.

Core Values

  • Pioneering Technology
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Social responsibility

Core Purpose

To develop innovative and cost effective systems to solve the real life issues prevalent in the society and to improve the standard of living.

Visionary Goal

To solve every problem existing and expected in the human society, through automation.