Management Team

Mr. Syed Haseeb Arfath Co-founder, Chairman and Managing Director

Syed Haseeb Arfath

A dynamic young entrepreneur, Syed Haseeb Arfath is the Co-founder, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Kerberon Automations. Apart from spear heading the company he is the Chief Designer of products credited to designing and developing the first working prototype and a proof of concept of ATCAG. He subsequently designed the exterior styling and co-developed the internal functioning of the commercial versions of ATCAG that followed. His sound background in embedded systems coupled with high calibre and technical ingenuity have given him a strong foothold in the company’s development. He is a zealous learner and has a keen interest in the field of computer networks and product design. With his undaunted fervour and optimistic outlook he has now set out to accomplish his goal of delivering environment and user friendly technology to the mass and in turn productively contribute to our Nation’s progress.

Mr. Srinidhi Sridhar Co-Founder, Director and Chief Technology Officer


Srinidhi Sridhar is the Co-founder, Director & Chief Technology Officer at Kerberon Automations. He co-developed the second prototype of ATCAG and subsequently designed the hardware and software aspects of the commercial versions of ATCAG. He has been accorded with developing many educational and testing softwares, including the highly acclaimed placement training systems in place at many institutions and has profound experience in the field of artificial intelligence. He is highly capable and experienced software developer and heads the software and hardware development teams at Kerberon. He along with Arfath have had experience working in the field of Natural language processing and search engine crawlers and have developed prototypes while doing their projects at the prestigious Indian Institute Of Science. He strongly believes in quality, testing and delivering optimum grade products by Kerberon.

Mr. Rama Subramaniam Nominee Director

Rama Subramaniam

Chairman & Managing Director of Biopure Integrated Health Park and the director of eHealth Technology Business Incubators brings on board tremendous amount of experience that adds abundantly to the driving force of Kerberon Automations. With more than two decades of consulting experience in the Integrated space of Pharma, Biotech & Healthcare in USA, Europe, Japan and India. Mr.Subramaniam is also the founder Director of the USA-India Foundation and multiple other bodies both in private and public sectors.

Panel of Advisors

Prof. Shivaram Malavalli

Shivaram Malavalli

Shivaram Malavalli serves as President of TeleVital, Inc. Prof. Malavalli has 25 years of Industrial and Research experience, mentoring technocrat entrepreneurs and supporting them during their establishment, sustenance and growth. His experience provides strategic direction to TeleVital in making it a leader in the eHealth Space. Prof. Malavalli serves as President of Mysore IT Forum and Chairman of Institution of Production Engineers India. He was instrumental in establishing the first Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park (STEP) in the country as Director and a Technology Business Incubator, catalyzing the establishment of ICT enterprises with R&D, HRD, and business facilitation. He serves as Director of TeleVital, Inc. He is also the Member Secretary National Advisory Committee, Chairman Organizing Committee for the All India Workshop on ICT for Masses. He is the recipient of a citation and medal by WASME (World Association of Small & Medium Enterprises) in China, for his contribution to the establishment & growth of SME's in the region. He received his Master's in Industrial Design from IIT Bombay and a PGD in Computer Programming from University of Mysore.

He Is a chairman of eHealth TBI with more than a three decades of experience in running technology business incubators in USA, Malaysia, Israel and India. Recipient of the WASME award.

Dr. J Surya Prasad Principle and Director, PES School Of Engineering

Dr. J Surya Prasad holds a Ph.D in Computer Science and worked at Motorola while overseas being involved in high technology projects and research. Dr. Surya has been actively involved in advising the technology team at Kerberon Automations. Dr. Surya Prasad's experience in this field makes our engineers resourceful to some very valuable inputs that are reflected in our products enabling them to be credited with cutting edge technologies.