ATCAG BikeShare

The strongest signature that Kerberon Automations vows to build in its DNA is ground breaking technology that stands on quality and freshness. With two patents applied for on the its very first product, this vision has already found a base. To reflect this very vision of ours to our esteemed and valuable customers who deserve nothing but the best in quality, it took us 2 years of research and development to come up with our first product, ATCAG - BikeShare.

ATCAG-BikeShare is a completely automated unit which automatically issues and accepts bicycles electromechanically based on digital authentication via Contact-less Smart Cards. Imagine ATCAG as part of public transport infrastructure, imagine a world of hassle free transportation! Starting with Bangalore, the company would install one ATCAG station near every public bus station, metro stations and at major commercial constants across the city. The next time you need to travel, you just need to walk into the nearest docking station installed near your house or office complex, pick up an ATCAG bike to peddle down to the nearest metro or bus station to get on a public bus or a metro to travel to your destination after returning the ATCAG bike at the docking station installed at the bus/metro station. At the bus/metro station at your destination, repeat the process to reach the doorstep of your endpoint of travel.

It comes with complete end to end solutions and host of features specifically designed for every type of large scale applications that require bicycles.

ATCAG – INTRASHARE - The system is an inter-campus bicycle sharing platform ideal for educational and business campuses. It provides end to end solutions including features like electronically authenticated access of bicycles, billing, burnt-calorie count and usage tracking.

ATCAG – MYLOT - The system provides easy parking facilities for private bicycles complete with electromechanical locks and electronically authenticated locking and unlocking of the bicycles.

ATCAG – PUBLISHARE - Is a public bicycle sharing platform ideal for large cities and townships. It provides last mile connectivity solutions and also serves as a parallel public transport infrastructure for intra-city commute.

ATCAG – TOURTRACKER - The system provides for automated renting of bicycles for tourists. Supports complete authentication features like ID card scanning, GPS tracking of bicycles, centralized control of multiple ATCAG-TOURTRACKERs and other set of features critical for this type of environment.