All About ATCAG

Automated Tracking and Control of Green Assets (ATCAG) is a patent pending cutting edge technology developed through onerous research and development by Kerberon Automations over the past 3 years with continuous amelioration. It is a pioneering invention developed for completely automated and optimised usage and access of different types of alternative transport means that include Non-motorised Transport and Non-Fossil-Fuel Powered Vehicles. The aim of the company through this proprietary platform is to make such means of alternative transportation affordable to general mass and their usage practical and hassle free.

The Green Technology enables Real-Time Monitoring, Completely Automated Digital Access control, Asset Sharing and Usage Tracking of the Green Assets (Non-motorised and other Non-Fossil-Fuel powered vehicles) enabling a very unique way to diversify the cost of the technology so as to make it completely affordable by individual members of a group/public. The other obvious aim of the company through this unique opus is to make green mobility in India practical and affordable to an extent that it substantially contributes to the carbon footprint reduction in our day-to-day travel. The company remains committed to this social cause and has vied towards realising this goal from the time of its inception through practical implementations against the obvious odds of such a grand scale project.

The first patent pending product using this platform from the company’s stable is ATCAG – BikeShare. Launched in February 2011 in Bengaluru, it is the World’s first multiple unit automated bicycle sharing infrastructure and India’s first and only completely automated bicycle sharing platform. Completely designed and manufactured in India by Kerberon Automations from scratch, the product is very well accepted and within a span of 18 months, the company has earned high value customers in Bengaluru and Hyderabad in both private and government sector and soon expanding.